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Editorial published on 22nd of December 2018 in ELEGANT Magazine.

While photographer Ian Garrick Mason embraces the fresh-awakened autumn season for this Elegant Magazine online editorial, our model Rue Ingram (d1Models) keeps the pictures alive wearing designer pieces by Andrada Bodea, Sisley, & other Stories, Millie Mackintosh, Rick Owens, accessories from Furla, Crucian and shoes from K Swiss, all styled by the same creative young designer, Andrada. The silent-movie-inspired glam was made by the talented Cici Wu, completing the simple yet powerful looks of our gorgeous model.

    „Lumiere” is all about the expressive art, inspired by the expressionist movement of Fritz Lang aka „The Master of Darkness”.

    Aspirations of beauty and a faded glamour, are characteristics of Theda Bara, one of cinema’s earliest sex symbols, title earned by her „femme fatale” roles.

    Lastly, the glory and the grittiness of the founding days of the movie industry, when the Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Nicolas, which were among the first filmmakers in history, ironically  stated that „the cinema is an invention without any future”.

    The sinisterness and emptyness of the shooting location was brought back to life into a cold yet powerful background for these photographs. The mirror is the symbol that offers different points of view than the one mainly given, empowering the expressivity of the message.

    The faded glamour completes the serious attitude and dominating poses adopted into a unusual enviroment. The broken mirror is the proof that even the strongest can be taken down and the hardness of steel and glass are not always what they seem.

    A warmer feeling comes with „the touch of Lumiere” or „the touch of light”. When finally the natural and artificial light warm up the set up. With its appearance, passion and hope are being brought into the world of „ The Master of Darkness”.

    The shooting atmosphere was intense, silent and everybody present adopted a simmiar attitude to our model’s in order to recreate the idea of old, serious and powerful. The autumnal weather influenced the creation, leaving it hoping for a future, hoping for Lumiere.




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